Domestic flight tickets on the increase this festive season

December is that time of the year where economic and social activities is on the increase. As the last month of the year, activities marking the end of the year are on the increase. From church thanksgiving to God for His grace all through the year, to social activities such as musical concerts, comedy shows, new movies showings as well as other activities celebrating the end of the year. These actions increases the bustling of economic activities as well.

While these events are on-going, producers of goods and activities are not left out, as they seize the opportunity to increase the prices of their goods as well as services. The Air Transportation industry inclusive as they take advantage of the season to hike their air fares (ticket prices). The deregulation in the industry decades ago, has allowed Airlines to be able to set their prices without government interventions, but strictly as determined by the forces of demand and supply.

This December is no exemption to hike in airfares, especially in the domestic sector. Prices of flight tickets in Nigeria has increased with some destination being charged as high as ₦51,500 for economy and ₦ 79,000 for business class respectively, or even higher in some cases depending on the destination. Therefore, if you plan on making your journey by air, then I suggest you buy your ticket now, that is, if you will still get seat depending on your destination and travel date. While hoping for better days ahead when we do not have to spend a month’s income just to make a 45 minutes journey.

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