Managing Your Fear of Flying

Each time you make your trip by air, do you suffer anxiety called fear of flying, also known as Aerophobia?

You are not alone as quite a number of people suffer from this as well irrespective of age, race or religion. Why aerophobia?

  1. Fear of heights; when the aeroplane is thousands of feet above sea level, you tend to be afraid of the height and thoughts of “what if it falls” crawls through your mind.
  2. Fear of turbulence: As the flight navigates through turbulent depending on the type of turbulence.
  3. Stories of previous accidents or crashes fills your thought and this results in fear.

What to do to manage this fear:

  • If possible, travel with a companion, especially a frequent flyer. You will be more comfortable knowing your loved one who has had more flying experience is with you.
  • Include your favourite items such as books, pillow, games, music, movies, etc to your carry-on bag(s). As you either read, play games, listen to music or watch movies, yours thoughts will be occupied with these activities, which will help you relax and turn your fear into fun.
  • Engage is interesting conversations with a passenger seating next to you if he/she consents. It acts as distraction, especially if the discussions is really engaging.
  • Practice deep breathing techniques to relax your nerves and ease stress during flights.
  • Reassure yourself that you are safe as flying is the safest means of transport.

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